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We have provided general descriptions so that we can maintain customer confidentiality.


End-Of-Line Test System -

Customer was conducting 100% manual tests to validate a critical component. The process required the parts to be moved from the manufacturing plant to a clean laboratory where a highly trained technician conducted the tests. Innoac developed a turn-key fully automated test system that could be operated by anyone and be placed in a harsh plant environment.

Savings: a) Reduced test time from 10 minutes to 1.5 minutes – Reduction of 85%
  b) Eliminated labor and cost to transport the components
  c) Does not require a highly trained technician

Reduce product development time by Automating all Simulation Processes -

Customer desired to develop a long term plan to implement highly automated simulation processes. Innoac evaluated over 350 processes and developed a 5 year plan to reduce the simulation time and resources by 75%. The plan also addressed the 300% increased capacity requirements to address the customer’s new product plans.

Outcome:       Corporate Executives accepted the plan and approved the pilot projects

Reduce effort and time required to setup, process and document a test

To conduct a test, customer required several hours to setup, conduct, process results and create reports.  The manual process required training and was not executed consistently. Innoac examined the overall process and developed an application that interfaced with several commercial software products. The application reduced the 457 mouse-click-process  down to 12 mouse-clicks, eliminated the documentation and training and yielded 100% consistency

Savings:          Reduced time from 5.5 hours to 20 minutes – Reduction of 94%